Tony Austin Home Theater Video

Home Theater Video System

It’s an exciting time for home theater design considering the choices available in home theater video equipment. Whether you are considering flat panel LCD or Plasma, rear-projection, or a home theater video projector and screen, technology developments have provided many more home theater video options. Since a quality home theater depends on the quality of the home theater video, approximately 60% of your system’s budget should go toward the home theater video equipment.

Home Theater Video Options

Probably your biggest decision will be on the type of home theater video equipment you would like. If you’re planning a dedicated home theater and you want the big screen experience, a home theater projector is going to give you the best picture for your money. If you’re designing your home theater as part of a multi-function room, a rear projection, LCD, or plasma TV. Contact Tony Austin Home Theater Design to find out which type of home theater video option will work best for your needs and price range.